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Because No One Has the Right to Take Our Neighborhood's Future

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is tax increment financing (TIF)?

Tax increment Financing (TIF) is a method of financing public investment in underdeveloped areas without increasing general property taxes. TIF is where public improvements are paid for by increases in property taxes from new development. TIF enables the temporary allocation of increased tax proceeds to designated projects. Increases in tax proceeds above a base year assessment, known as increment, are used to fund public investments that were made to stimulate new, private development projects. This is accomplished by pairing areas of demonstrated need with potential private investors. The assessed value of the district is frozen. Any revenue from increases in assessed value, due to either public or corresponding private investment, is allocated to fund project payments or to pay debt service on bond debt incurred for development purposes.  The UNWA neighborhood TIF was approved June 7, 1995 by resolution of the Metropolitan Development Commission – confirmatory resolution  95-N-005.

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